6 Awesome USA Made Yoga Brands

6 Awesome USA Made Yoga Brands

Are you searching for high-quality, USA-made yoga brands and apparel to add to your collection? Local and made-in-the-America businesses rely on our dollars to keep their businesses alive. But you don’t have to sacrifice quality, or even affordability, to shop local. We’ve rounded up 6 brands that we love that manufacture their clothing right here in the good ole US of A. The exciting news is that this list is anything but exhaustive. These are just some of our favorites that provide a wide range of prices, styles, and functions.


Hardtail yoga clothing headstand  yoga clothing

Shop Yogatation is committed to manufacturing in the US and has been, since its inception in 2019 in California. Company founders have traveled the world to create, prototype, and discover the newest yoga products needed in the west. Yogatation provides timeless designs that can fit any need.

Electric & Rose

Electric & Rose sports bra crow pose USA-made

Inspired by yoga on the beach, bonfires under the stars, and beautiful sunsets, Electric & Rose creates unique yoga and activewear apparel that is comfortable and fashionable. Their products are USA made, beautiful, and functional (which is important when you enjoy inversions).

Emily Hsu Designs

Emily Hsu donut yoga leggings anjaneyasana USA-made

It doesn’t get much more fun than wearing donuts, constellations, and a shimmering mermaid print during a yoga class. And outside of a yoga class, if I’m being honest. These USA made leggings from Emily Hsu will turn heads, are silky soft, and do what they’re supposed to do for you while you move your body.

Good hYOUman

Good hYOUman soft sports bra heart opener USA-made

Good hYOUman is such a fun brand that also has a deeper story. They have one simple mission: to make you feel good. Good hYOUman partners with organizations and people who are committed to doing good and giving back. Some of them include the SurfRider Foundation, BOO2Bullying, The Giving Keys, and many others. They make some of the softest clothing I’ve ever felt. I actually wore this exact bra for at least 3 days straight because I didn’t want to take it off.


Goldsheep leggings tree pose USA-made

Goldsheep is a one-of-a-kind legging brand that designs, produces, and manufactures each piece by hand in their Orange County, California facility. They create fun and funky designs that feel and look good, allowing you to express your creativity without sacrificing quality.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga yoga pants and bra top in dancer pose

Beyond Yoga is a USA-made brand that is transparent about the manufacturing process, from the cotton fields to your door. They are committed to utilizing Earth-friendly practices. They are also one of the most transparent yoga brands out there who are willing and actively sharing their process. Beyond Yoga is a favorite, always offering the softest and most functional, form-flattering pieces.

These 6 awesome made-in-America yoga companies can meet all of your yoga clothing needs in a stylish, functional, and socially-conscious way. These brands, as well as many others, are willing to share their practices, which sets them lightyears above the rest.

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