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1 Pair Hard Breathable Insoles

1 Pair Hard Breathable Insoles

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3/5/7/9cm Unisex Shoe Lift Height Increase Insole

Are you looking to be a few centimetres taller instantly? Now you can with our new air bubble lift insoles.

These are truly comfortable height-lifting shoe insoles due to the fact that the air-cushion underneath the insole bounces as you walk or run.


-Lightweight comfortable Air bubble

-Designed to mould into the shape of your foot

-Ventilation air holes

-Increase height for that special occasion




One Size Fits All. You can cut to your shoes size adjustable.

1 layer heel height: 3cm/1.2''

2 layer heel height: 5cm/2''

3 layer heel height: 7cm/2.8''

4 layer heel height: 9cm/3.6''

Package Included:

  • Insole lift kit suitable for high-top shoes: high-top canvas shoes, leather shoes, boots, etc
  • Soft insole cushion air cushion, reduce the problem of the sole is too hard and make walking pain
  • Air cushion protect you knees and ankles, balances foot pressure, suit for standing a long time
  • Adjustable height insole, Totally Invisible, wearing them without anybody's notice
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