The Trend You Need Now: Leggings Made From Recycled Bottles

The Trend You Need Now: Leggings Made From Recycled Bottles

recycled water bottle leggings

A Style Update We All Need

We’ve all been hearing more and more about how eco-friendly clothing is better for us, the planet, and our yoga wardrobe. Rightfully so, natural and recycled clothes are built to last with performance in mind while making considerations that positively impact the planet. It’s more than a trend – the movement behind better food, better clothing, and leading more sustainable and healthy lives is here to stay.

Who’s Making the Change

Because yogis tend to be more earth-conscious as a way of life, it wasn’t long before yoga clothing designers took a real interest in offering healthier, more sustainable options. Luckily for us, the demand has grown, so we can enjoy a variety of organic and creatively sourced clothing!

Why it Matters

The latest source for creativity comes from recycled plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles are thrown away in droves, more than 60 million get tossed daily – talk about waste! New designers are turning other people’s trash into our treasure. A collection of companies has begun producing active and yoga wear made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Read on for four fabulous leggings that will help save the planet – and make you feel amazing!

Start Shopping


Teeki fashions leggings meant for high performance; if you’re ready to sweat it out in a fabric that will move with your every move this is for you. They feature thick, high waist bands for extra support where we need it most! Check out this Purple Awakening Hot Pant.

Yoga Democracy

Yoga Democracy is known for vibrant, unique prints in a variety of sizes. Their prints are truly one-of-a-kind, and they know it! All of their pants are protected from fade, color bleeding, and white stretch lines. Shop them all because we honestly can’t decide on a favorite!

Niyama Sol

Niyama Sols leggings and tops are a soft, whimsical mix of geometric and abstract patterns. We love the Purple Haze Endless Legging with just the right blend of neutrals and colors; perfect for summer evening sessions in the park!

Colorado Threads

Colorado Threads offers recycled bottle-made leggings that don’t sacrifice comfort or style. They come in a wide range of sizes, and their prints are light, fun, and inspired by nature. We love wearing their Wander legging and having pockets while we practice!

Have you found some great recycled material leggings that you swear by? We’d love to hear your recommendations! Drop us a line in the comments below 🙂

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