2023 New Years Transformation - Max Movement, 90 Day Transformation

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  • Regular:  90 Day Challenge, Discord
  • VIP (ONLY 10 AVAILABLE) 90 Day Challenge, Discord Accountability community, 3 Virtual Check-in’s with Max
  • Super Student: (ONLY 3 AVAILABLE):  90 Day Challenge, Discord Acountability Community, 10 Virtual Check-in’s with Max, 20% Bali Yoga Retreat ($600 Value!), ONE Yogatation Mat

You know the saying, “Yoga changes lives”? Well, it's true. But this isn’t just a New Year's resolution. We're talking about a full 90 days of transformation that will change your life forever.

We are a movement, a mindset transformation program. We are the part of you that strives for success and greatness. We are the person who never stops working on our yoga practice and ourselves. We will no longer be held down by excuses or anxiety, for these thoughts will only hinder us from where we need and want to be.

I want to help you discover what it is to be your most authentic self. When we tap into our strongest selves, we can unlock that part of ourselves that will enable us to rise above our everyday challenges. Our program will not only improve your physical strength and flexibility but also provide ways to help you feel empowered mentally and emotionally as well.

Ready to stretch your limits in a new way? In order to grow as individuals, we need to be willing to take risks and try something different.

Max’s New Years Challenge is a commitment to a 90 day transformation. During those 90 days, you will uproot your life and become someone new through the discipline of yoga. Check ins with Max each day, water goals, journaling, walking distance, bathing rituals, ashtanga practice and daily cleanse are all part of this journey

Max is the master of his mind. Our collective new years challenge is to uproot your life, become someone new through yoga, and develop a daily ashtanga practice.

Do you want to be someone new? Someone with a new body, new posture, and a new perspective on life? Then you need to start practicing yoga. We will provide daily regimen of guided prompts, as well as checkins, so that we can all grow together over the next 90 days. No matter how much yoga you’ve done in your life or how tall you were born, this challenge is for anyone who wants to move up their game. Imagine yourself taller.

This transformation journey will help you develop a new you. The lessons in this journey will help you gain the confidence needed to traverse this world. This 90 day transformation is designed to increase your height, develop a yoga practice, and strengthen your mental state. We will accomplish this through pranayama guides, handstand workshops, and training inversions like headstands and shoulder stands.

The Max Movement is an amazing way to start your year. With 90 days of yoga, ashtanga and more; you'll transform your fitness from the inside out. Join us for an adventure in New Years this January and a group of top participants will meet fellow travelers in Bali, Indonesia or New Zealand!

2023, the year of transformation with Max's Yoga Challenge! This is a new way of movement, the daily practice will shape you into a new person. Add inches to your height, improve your posture and develop confidence needed to traverse this world. Daily check ins , water goals, journaling, walking distance , bathing and cleansing ritual on Day 1. If you miss a day start the 90 days over again!


Grab your mat and join us!


My vision for this challenge is to take someone who has never done yoga before and have them feeling the benefits of daily practice. Set goals for yourself, complete them. And start over again the next day.

Max Movement is the ultimate in-home yoga transformation. Completing this challenge will change your life and leave you a new person. If you choose to push yourself and make this challenge a part of your daily routine, you will notice astonishing results in just 20 days.

Taking ownership of your body, mind and spirit begins with a mindset shift. Do you really know whats going on in your body? The goal is not to be the strongest or the most flexible, but to teach you what's possible in your own body while providing opportunities to understand why your body is doing what it's doing.

A challenge to break down the walls and start living life as it comes. In a new year full of new adventures, why not make some gains while you are at it?

Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the 2023 New Years Transformation - Max Movement, 90 Day Transformation is for you.

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